IPL 2024 points table

The IPL Points Table 2023 is a great way to keep up with the teams and their standings in this cricket league. The table reflects each team's points, win-loss record for all matches played so far, Net Run Rate (NRR), batting scores of individual players as well as bowling performances by individuals or bowlers collectively from both sides that have been involved in at least one innings during the tournament.

Here everyone can study how many points the team got during the game. The table is updated after each match. So you will know the leader among all the players and will be able to see the 4 best teams that will compete for the championship in the semifinals.

You can find out the date and time of all matches on the IPL schedule page. If you want to bet online on the IPL matches of your favorite teams, click on the button below, register and start IPL betting.

IPl points table 2024

1Kolkata logoKolkata Knight Riders149321.42820
2Sunrisers logoSunrisers Hyderabad
3Rajasthan logoRajasthan Royals148510.27317
4Bangalore logoRoyal Challengers Bangalore147700.45914
5Kings logoChennai Super Kings147700.39214
6Delhi logoDelhi Capitals14770-0.37714
7Lucknow super Giants LogoLucknow Super Giants14770-0.66714
8Gujarat Titans LogoGujarat Titans
9Punjab logoPunjab Kings
10Mumbai logoMumbai Indians
IPL 2024 points table

The teams have already been formed and announced, you can get acquainted with the IPl teams both on our website and on the official one.

IPl points table
Lucknow super Giants Logo
Gujarat Titans Logo

IPl points table, why is it so popular?

Because cricket is lucrative, it’s an industry. India is the country with the highest number of cricket fans in the world. It is a good way to make good money in India in just 15 days of matches.

The cricket league in India is much bigger than any other sports discipline in India. Plus there are many other Indian industries like TV, betting, and many more that are invested in it.

The IPL has those players who have been part of the World Cup and Test cricket participating in IPL teams which give us a chance to watch people who are world-renowned. Also, there are players in the IPL who come from small towns who get a base to grow personally and showcase their talents. Manoj Tiwari, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, and — members of the younger generation who came from the lower strata of India have gained worldwide recognition in the IPL.

These performances and achievements carried them over to the Indian national cricket team. What is interesting is that the IPL is somewhat similar to Bollywood. The involvement of Bollywood and major businessmen in the IPL often adds even more popularity to the tournament. Online betting on IPl matches is also very popular in India.

Television channels are willing to pay crazy amounts of money for the rights to broadcast cricket matches and apart from that, they will get a lot of popularity and attention being part of the IPL. A strong argument for why cricket is more popular than other sports in India is that 45% of the audience is female, this increases the number of fans and the number of fans of the game. Celebrities also get a lot of attention. IPL advertisements and many promotions are generated in huge numbers.

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